Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I sign up for/register for BADDEST MUDRUN?

A. Visit our signup page click the link on our home page at the top of the page. This will bring you directly to the event signup form through EventBrite.


Q. When is BADDEST MUDRUN'S Free Boot camp?

A. Our free boot camp is being held Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 8a.m. and again on 3-15-2014 We're utilizing Veteran's Memorial Park on Spring Hill Dr. in Hernando County for all our sweating needs!


Q. What are the fees for participating in the BADDEST MUDRUN events?

A. Registration cost is $64.95 per person per event. Cost for parking is $10 cash only!! No credit/debit cards!


Q. Are there group rates available for teams?

A. Yes, to be considered a team you must have at least 4 or more members. The team should select a captain, and your team captain is responsible for proper signup of each team member. We encourage your team captain to make sure all team members wear/make their own team T-shirts, costumes, anything that says “we're a team!” so we know who's who.


Q. Are there any fees for spectators?

A. Heck no! Bring your family, friends, co-workers, etc. for a fun filled day in the mud! Hey, they can always hold your stuff and take some pictures of you in the mud!


Q. Is this an all age event?

A. Yes, but children/minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents/guardians or have their parents'/guardians' notarized consent to participate in the event. This option would be for ages 14+ who want to run this event. We'll also have a children's mudrun event at 9:30, the area is to be determined, and the little mud run course will be no more than a ¼ mile for the little ones....they love the mud anyway, right? Parents must remain with their children at all times during these events to ensure your and our safety!


Q. Is there any insurance provided for individuals, groups, teams, or spectators at this event?

A. is your responsibility to carry your own individuals insurance. You must sign a participation agreement, waiver, and release of claim form prior to any participation in the event. This can be a dangerous course for inexperienced mud runners, and you must use your own judgment at all times. If you do not have a good health insurance coverage then we suggest you do not enter this event at all.


Q. Will there be paramedics on the premises?

A. Yes, we will ensure skilled paramedics on day of event for safety reasons. Always better to be safe than sorry! We also will have police officers present.


Q. What time should I arrive before my scheduled run time?

A. We suggest that you arrive at least 1-1/2 hours to 2 full hours before your scheduled wave time. This will give you the time needed to make sure all documents (waivers, release forms, registration & arm bands) are signed, reviewed, and accepted.


Q. Can anyone participate in the BADDEST MUDRUN events?

A. long as you are a registered participant with signed release forms on file, and you are wearing our designated event wrist band where it can be easily seen.


Q. What does my paid registration include? What's your 'schwag'?

A. Your paid registration includes a FREE Baddest Mudrun official ball cap (color of your choice), a FREE bottled water at end of course, and an around-the-neck gold medal: the official medal of BADDEST MUDRUN events!!!


Q. What do the top male and female of competitive wave receive?

A. Our competitive wave will have 2 victors: a male and female with fastest times. These 2 survivors will receive an official BADDEST MUDRUN gold cup trophy complete with bragging rights, a FREE event T-shirt, event medal, and photos included in all social media highlighting and reviewing our BADDEST MUDRUN events.


Q. Can I bring my dog/pet?

A. No...we all love our babies, but the property grounds agreement and the magnitude of the events will not allow for the proper care/attention of your pet.


Q. Can I bring my own drinks/beer/food?

A. No, there will be plenty of water stations set up around both 5K and 10K courses. Vendors' tents will be available for awesome BBQ, drinks, water, etc.


Q. Can I go around an obstacle?

A. Yes, but if you're part of our competitive wave, in order to “win”, you must complete all obstacles. If you're not included in our competitive wave, you are free to skip obstacles, though the whole point of BADDEST MUDRUN is to test your endurance by running the mud and battling the obstacles.


Q. Can my paid entry fee be transferred to someone else in the event that I can't attend?

A. Yes, as long as it's no more than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event, and the individual must complete all necessary documents to participate. There is a $10 administration fee to make any registration changes.


Q. Is a refund available if I can't attend for any reason?

A. Sorry, no refunds at all for any reason. Period. If there's some freak incidence where we need to cancel event, the mudrun will be rescheduled ASAP, at the next available date. No refunds.


Q. What if it rains?

A. All the more MUD!!! In the event of a rainy day, BADDEST MUDRUN will still long as there's no lightning, you'll have even more fun in the rain and muck!


Q. Will there be showers and restrooms on location?

A. Yes, we have end of course rinse off showers, and there'll be plenty of porta potties set up for your bathroom needs.


Q. Do I need to fill out any other paper work to participate in this event?

A. Yes. anyone who enters in this event must fill out and sign a release form!  This goes for adults, kids, young and old. If you do not fill out a release form and enter this event you will be considered trespassing and asked to leave.